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PayPal, Commerce to Share U.S. Export Data for Economic Growth

PayPal and the U.S. Department of Commerce have partnered to bolster exports with open data. In a joint blog post on Aug. 10, Commerce’s Chief Data Officer Ian Kalin announced  that the e-commerce site PayPal had committed to sharing data

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Data leaders are taking action and getting results

When it comes to emerging roles such as those of chief data officer or chief analytics officer, one of the few constants is change. New personalities step into the limelight, industries contribute their own twists and early experiments can evolve

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Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for the Week of July 5, 2015

The City of Los Angeles steps out again as an open data leader, while Minneapolis gets set to improve its open data game. Plus: Civic tech strikes again, this time in NYC. Government as Data Consumer Ron Galperin, the Controller

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Who can we trust with #opendata in the UK?

The opendata landscape is complicated as Simon Briscoe has pointed out in his excellent map. However recently some of the players have disappeared as Giuseppe Solazzo explains and these are the groups like the Open Data User Group that in

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What should the UK’s Chief Data Officer do in their first 100 days?

Ok I am making an assumption that there is going to be a CDO but bear with me on that. Will a CDO be the saviour of data in the UK? Here is a starter for ten list: Work out

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2015: Year of the Chief Data Officer

U.S. Census Bureau app. 2015: Year of the Chief Data Officer By Nick Sinai Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow In 2014, a number of cabinet-level federal government agencies created a Chief Data Officer role, distinct from their CIO or

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