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Open is a means, not a movement

In the humble beginnings of the GNU and Linux projects, open source was a primitive and narrowly-defined idea. It applied only to programming, and was a largely legal designation that sought to guarantee that source code remained available to users

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Why The UK’s Government Data Service Takes an API-First Approach To Data.Gov.UK

In a blog post that’s posted to data.gov.uk (where much of the UK government’s data is posted for public consumption), Ross Jones has published some incredible insights into why API-first is so important to the agencies ongoing endeavors.

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How a Small Municipality Shows the Way with Open Data

In 2014/2015 my colleague Frank and I worked with the Province of North-Holland and 9 municipalities in that province to position open data as a policy instrument: around specific local issues we woul…

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Bridging Differences in Open Data: Coming up with standards at Open North

By Drew Bush In case you missed either report, over the last year Open North has quietly put out an inventory of open data globally and, in a separate report, recommended baseline international standa…

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Think government should be more transparent, engaging and accountable? Here’s how to get involved in writing the UK’s new open government action plan

Open government is the simple but powerful idea that governments and institutions work better for citizens when they are transparent, engaging and accountable. As a member of the global Open Government Partnership, the UK and devolved governments must publish an

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ONE’s Follow the Money Website: Showcasing Open Data Success Stories

Central to OGP is the belief that “good ideas come from everywhere” and we at ONE could not agree more. Our Follow the Money website provides a centralized place to highlight stories about how citizens are successfully using open data

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Transforming Open Government through Open Mapping

Open Mapping is transforming how governments and citizens work together by allowing them to co-create and support critical government functions with geographic maps and data. The OGP Summit in Mexico City launched Open Mapping within the partnership with a series

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You can contribute to the Open Government National Action Plan

I wish to advise all activists and citizens of the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan consultation which has begun. The significance of this little-known event can not be over-stated. The National Action Plan (our country’s first) goes into implementation

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Why the Open Government Partnership Needs a Reboot

The Open Government Partnership was created in 2011 as an international forum for nations committed to implementing Open Government programs for the advancement of their societies. The idea of open government started in the 1980s after CSPAN was launched to

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Opening Government through Business in Pakistan

By: Blair Glencorse, Hammad Siddiqui and Fayyaz Yaseen. This blog post was originally published by the Open Government Partnership.  “We support open government not just because it is good for business but because is central to human rights and dignity”

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