You can contribute to the Open Government National Action Plan

I wish to advise all activists and citizens of the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan consultation which has begun. The significance of this little-known event can not be over-stated. The National Action Plan (our country’s first) goes into implementation from July 2016.

Consultations have begun on what our National Action Plan should entail with almost no media coverage due to the lack of government fanfare. Australia finally became a signatory of the OGP just last week and immediately began consultation on the National Action Plan at

The National Action Plan sets the foundation for transparency, accountability and participation for the future yet the silence with which the long-awaited agreement was signed and the swiftness with which consultations have begun has caught most people off-guard.

Many people will not be aware that information sessions on how to contribute to the National Action Plan are being held around the country this week:

You do not need to attend an information session to contribute, you can do so anytime to the OGP National Action Plan website or to the Twitter hashtag #ogpau

A network of transparency groups sprang up in response to the signing of the OGP convened by Peter Timmins. Both organisations and individuals are welcome to join this group and should keep an eye on Peter’s blog if they want to be kept in the loop about what is happening.

Please circulate this information so Australians have a fair chance to provide input into our Open Government National Action Plan as is their right.

Feel free to republish this blog post on your website.

Rosie Williams – transparency activist OpenAus