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Roundtable discussion

Opening Data – from Publication to Use for Sustainable Development Date: Monday 21 September 15:00-17.00 Place: Action Aid 33-39 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0BJ The importance of open and transparent data on aid flows into developing countries is now

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Open Data Intermediaries: Their Crucial Role

This is the latest post in our series exploring the results from the Open Data in Developing Countries Phase 2 project. At the Web Foundation, we’re excited about how open data can be harnessed to make real improvements in the

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Open Data and Sub-national Governments: Lessons from Developing Countries

WebFoundation: “Open government data (OGD) as a concept is gaining currency globally due to the strong advocacy of global organisations as Open Government Partnership. In recent years, there has been increased commitment on the part of national governments to proactively

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REPORT: Open Data Intermediaries in Developing Countries

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