GODAN at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit

GODAN’s participation at the OGP Global Summit aims to link agriculture and nutrition to open data, open government and the sustainable development goals. Our Lightning Talk session, Open Government in Agriculture and Nutrition, on Wednesday, 28 October 13:40-14:15 will explore connections between Open Government Partnership action plans, the SDGs and the work of GODAN.


The session, opened by GODAN’s Executive Director, will identify and discuss a set of model commitments relating to open data, agriculture and nutrition, informed by an understanding of existing commitments and issues of relevance to the OGP community. These include:

  • greater disclosure of data on agricultural land ownership, and land deals;
  • common publication of agricultural subsidy information;
  • open data initiatives relating to food safety information; and
  • open data initiatives relating to nutrition.

The session aims to:

  • provide an opportunity to formally announce Government of Mexico joining GODAN;
  • forge stronger links engagement between national Open Government Partnership processes, the agriculture and nutrition community, and work on the Sustainable Development Goals; and
  • present GODAN’s support for the International Open Data Charter process.


Speakers are invited to give lightning talks to describe ways in which their existing OGP National Action Plans have addressed agriculture and nutrition themes, and outline opportunities for future commitments in this area.

André Laperrière – GODAN Executive Director will introduce GODAN, the importance of sector-specific OGP commitments, and our support for the International Open Data Charter.

Hon. Minister Calzada (TBC) – SAGARPA Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, Mexico will announce Mexican participation in GODAN and present agriculture-specific commitments.

Casper Sitemba – Senior Director, Office of the Deputy President, Kenya will present potential OGP commitments.

Ana Brandusescu – GODAN Research and Partnerships Advisor will summarise and present GODAN’s briefing paper on OGP Actions, and invite participants to get involved in GODAN.

We look forward to meeting you at our session!

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