Open Institute becomes GODAN partner

Open Institute is a think-do tank that works with governments and civil society organizations on open government, promoting transparency, accountability and multi-stakeholder participation in governance as key characteristics of an open government. Their work aims to institutionalize at both national and sub-national levels great ideas that make it possible to realize an open society managed by informed fact-driven citizens and they have demonstrated a commitment to this goal through their programs and activities, including active engagement on the Open Government Partnership, the Council of Governors in Kenya and support for open data around Africa.


Their vision is for a world where citizens have freedom to participate in their society’s governance and development and the power to influence change. In the world that we envision, every human being has a voice that is heard by their leaders and other citizens and their governments listen and are responsive to the citizens’ needs.  Their mission includes the elimination of poverty by harnessing the power of active citizens and the effective and sustainable use of data and technology, support for the inclusion of citizens in the governance and development of society and support for the efforts of responsive governments, particularly in Africa.  See more