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Guest blog: Can open data really form the basis of a social good startup in Australia?

This is a guest post written by Rosie Williams, a leading Australian Open Data Developer and Citizen Journalist, who created and manages infoAus.net and writes for NoFibs.com.au. It’s republished with her permission. Can open data really form the basis of

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You can contribute to the Open Government National Action Plan

I wish to advise all activists and citizens of the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan consultation which has begun. The significance of this little-known event can not be over-stated. The National Action Plan (our country’s first) goes into implementation

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Using open data for insights into Australian-registered charities

Rosie Williams of OpenAus recently released her latest open data project, Open Charities, to provide insight into the financials of Australian charities. The service integrates the available open data from 53,000 registered Australian charities in a way never done before, allowing

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Open data & open government – a new paradigm?

Note: This is a re-post on behalf of Rosie Williams. The original post can be found at https://openaus.net.au/blog/2015/08/17/open-data-open-government-a-new-paradigm/ The internet is often hailed for its promise and role played in political change. Now anyone can blog or Tweet. Social media has

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