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Ten Years After Katrina: New Orleans’ Recovery, and What Data Had to Do with it

By Denice Ross, Presidential Innovation Fellow As a New Orleanian, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures. In the days of the aftermath, we had a tremendous effort

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What We Can Learn from the First Internet of Things City

As cities across the globe continue to struggle with issues related to skyrocketing populations, they should pay close attention to what Intel is doing in Dublin. Before construction has been completed, most new housing developments feature a model home to

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Open data initiative to give true picture of election process

The National Democratic Institute is has announced the launch of the Open Election Data Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to ensure that citizen groups have access to election data that can give a true picture of an election

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From Ideas to Implementation: 3 Ways to Ensure that Citizens Have Access to Information

Good urban governance begins with open access to information. São Paulo, Brazil offers a number of lessons for making data accessible and encouraging public participation. (Photo: Gabi Sakamoto / Flickr) How do we make cities work for people? As a

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Open Government Data and Citizen Engagement in Nigeria

[gview file=”http://dd7.000.myftpupload.com//wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Open_Government_Data_and_Citizen_Engagement_in_Nigeria-1.pdf”]

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Validating Liberia’s Open Government Partnership National Action Plan

By: Meghan Schneider, Accountability Lab Liberia Summer Design Resident. This blog post was originally published by Open Government Partnership. On June 12, 2015 the Republic of Liberia convened a Stakeholders’ Interactive Forum to Validate the Open Government Partnership Action Plan

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Data journalism in the Philippines: changing the open data landscape

Transparency, accountability and open data in the Philippines have just become more palpable to citizens and journalists alike. Open Knowledge/School of Data joined forces with the World Bank and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism(PCIJ) to launch a five-month training

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How open data boosts citizen engagement in Uruguay

With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Uruguay based health service startup A Tu Servicio, a finalist for the Open Data Innovation Award. The Open Data Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in open

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