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Open Government Data Case Study – Kamo Place Race

(Printable PDF version) Town planning made lean and agile Who: Whangarei District Council’s District Planning Team What: A regulatory Town Plan for Kamo in Northland, New Zealand Where: https://www.facebook.com/kamoplacerace Why: The council was required under statute to review each provision

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Open Data missing layers

The Open Data movement is growing, there are more and more portals, more and more publishers and more and more people using the data. As the Open Data movement is growing, both the people publishing and using the data evolve.

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Re-engaging with our external data users

  On Tuesday night some of us from across government departments involved in the Government Data Programme caught up with a group of external data users over a few mince pies. As always it was good to hang out with

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Teaching Open Data for Social Movements: a Research Strategy

This article aims to describe the experience of the course “Open Data and Social Movements”, conceived as a tool for research on open data engagement. While it focuses on training activists to understand and use open data, it enables observation

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The End of Check Box Open Data

Is open data something your agency has checked off its list of technology initiatives, only to move on to new projects? For many agencies, open data is something that has been marked as completed, even when it has failed to

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Open Data, GIS, and Nonprofits

The idea behind “open data” is that accessible data promotes government transparency, civic engagement, and the ability of community members to create solutions to problems within their communities. In this way, open data can be a rich resource for nonprofits.

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Open data & open government – a new paradigm?

Note: This is a re-post on behalf of Rosie Williams. The original post can be found at https://openaus.net.au/blog/2015/08/17/open-data-open-government-a-new-paradigm/ The internet is often hailed for its promise and role played in political change. Now anyone can blog or Tweet. Social media has

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“Look for internal factors to increase citizen engagement”

Now that eGovernment services are quickly becoming the default way to communicate between public agencies and citizens, citizen participation and engagement are lagging. This is often blamed on the so-called digital divide, i.e. a lack of skills, trust and confidence.

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Let’s Pull Public Comment into the 21st Century with San Francisco’s Prop. E

In 1991, computer scientists at the University of Cambridge pointed a camera at a coffee machine and programmed it to broadcast images of the pot levels to anyone in their building with a need for caffeine. With that, webcams and

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10 Challenges for Open Data

It has been six years since Tim Berners Lee called out for more raw data. A lot since then has happened, but critics often point out limited visible impacts and the lack of public awareness. So the question is, what

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