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Are There Just Too Many [Open Data Publishing] Cooks in the Kitchen?

Before companies can use Open Data (defined as government data that is deliberately shared in a machine-readable format for free reuse by others), it has to earn a reputation for reliability. No company wants to use inconsistent data sets full

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SimCity or Smart City?

I was playing one of the games in the SimCity series recently when it struck me that this and similar games are a very good model for what we want from Smart Cities. Let me explain what I mean. All

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If Government Data Could Fix Traffic Chaos and Protect Our Homes from Flooding, We’d Use It… Right? Wrong!

By Yves Vanderbeken September 25, 2015 Slowly but steadily since 2008, governments around the world have come to accept that Open Data (defined as government data that is deliberately shared in a machine-readable format for free reuse by others) is

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Open Data – How Far Do We Go?

Technology has now woven itself in to our daily lives to such an extent that we cannot imagine how we ever lived without its features and relevant products as we do today. At the heart of this huge technological transition

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We Don’t All Need to be Geeks, Everyone Just Needs to be Geekier!

At the end of its season of seven challenges to create social good out of open data, Nesta, the charity that encourages and funds innovation, has some interesting insights to share. Perhaps the most significant I heard is that in

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Why open data is not an overnight sensation

It’s time to talk more vociferously about open data. A better headline for this piece would be: why open data is not an overnight sensation or indeed a turn of a dial or a flick of a switch i.e. it

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of Open Data

I decided to write a positive blog about Open Data; it’s an area I believe has a lot of potential and value. The only problem is that once I started I began to think about the complexities of it, it’s

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How Do You Make Open Data Work for your Business?

Open data and the promise of a mash-up world is something that happens in governments or in other organisations – or is it? Let’s take a rain check. Open data is cited as an instrument for breaking down information gaps

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Perfect Storm Brewing as Open Data and Data Inflation Collide

IT lawyers used to be  primarily concerned with issues of intellectual property and software licensing. Now data is rapidly becoming the new currency of the digital economy and related rights and access are coming under close scrutiny. At exactly the

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