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Open is a means, not a movement

In the humble beginnings of the GNU and Linux projects, open source was a primitive and narrowly-defined idea. It applied only to programming, and was a largely legal designation that sought to guarantee that source code remained available to users

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The First Step: Collaboration and Democratization Around Information

#OpenData changing conversations in and around Government ¶ There are great examples of success when the government opens data. Continue reading on Medium »

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‘No more crossed wires’: how open innovation is born from company collaboration

‘No more crossed wires’: how open innovation is born from company collaboration Open Data Institute trainer Ben Cave shares the wide benefits of the open approach taken with eLearning developer Sponge UK in collaborating on the newly launched European Data

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First Open Data Initiative for a Sustainable AEC Industry

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry brings together separate players that collaborate on large national and international building projects. When these seemingly disparate entities are integrated into a single industry, it enables architects, engineers and building

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The future of government is open

The World Bank Group sees the pillars of a more open and citizen centric government–transparency, citizen participation, and collaboration–as strategic priorities in its work on governance because they suggest concrete ways to promote shared prosperity. Having made significant strides to increasing

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Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Society launch journal collaboration

PUBLISHING NEWS 18 August 2015 Tweet The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society have jointly announced a collaboration on the Royal Society’s multidisciplinary open access journal Royal Society Open Science. The Royal Society of Chemistry will manage the

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Lessons from Seoul’s Two Sharing Economies

Emily HongCrunch Network Contributor Emily Hong covered the sharing economy and startup ecosystem in Seoul, South Korea as a 2014-2015 Fulbright Scholar. She is currently a policy program associate at New America’s Open Technology Institute. How to join the network

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Why journalists and technologists must collaborate

The launch of the Kenya Open Data Initiative in July 2011 led to the release of hundreds of data sets which, for a few discerning journalists and editors, opened up a new way of discovering, reporting and disseminating news. From

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Top 10 Ideas From OuiShare 2015 on The New Sharing Economy [VIDEOS]

1. Nick Grossman: Bringing Collaborative Platforms to Market [embedded content] Nick Grossman works at the intersection of web platforms and public issues. Currently with Union Square Ventures in New York City, he previously worked for a nonprofit incubator for open source

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Open Data for a new Healthcare IT System

To be able to start an evolution is quite an exciting prospect. In my last role (Clinical Research in the NHS) we knew we had to move to an environment where data was considered to be open due to policy,

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