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Guidance for the open sharing of epigenome data: an author Q+A

Why is open sharing of epigenomic (or genomic) data so important for the community? Without it, many millions of hours and dollars spent on research would be lost. Researchers would have to produce new data which would otherwise already be

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The secretive world of biomedical research

ANALYSIS & OPINION 6 July 2015 Tweet Vitek Tracz, Chairman and Founder of F1000, explains how the internet is being used to share new scientific research quickly and openly I was, for many years, a typical publisher of scientific books

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Community Microbiomes: Chatting Cat Scat with Kittybiome’s Holly Ganz

All Cats (Microbiomes) are Grey? Regular readers will have seen our interest in “community genome” projects, supported by crowdfunding and alternative means (fashion shows in case of the “peoples parrot”), and we’ve been pleased to see the Azolla fern and

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‘Open Source, Open Science’ meeting report – March 2015

Open Science has emerged into the mainstream, primarily due to concerted efforts from various individuals, institutions, and initiatives. This small, focused gathering brought together several of those community leaders.  The purpose of the meeting was to define common goals, discuss

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