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Meet the Turboteers: Knut

What makes OpenCorporates strong is the community of talented and committed botwriters and data hunter who volunteer their time to contribute open data. Our bot writers or as we call them, Turboteers, work in their free time, to understand complex

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Civic Tech and NGOs … wait, and donors – Can we be better collaborators in global Transparency and Accountability work?

This is a guest post by Kersti Ruth Wissenbach, our Open Knowledge Ambassador in the Netherlands. At our Re:publica session in May we set out to bring together transparency and accountability practitioners from traditional NGOs as well as from the

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OKFestival 2014 Reflections

During our visit to Berlin to catch up with other Code for Europe fellows we decided to hang on for a few days and attend the Open Knowledge Festival. Oh, if you’re not familiar with the organisation behind the event,

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OK Festival 2014

It appears that people like my notes from the events I attend. Perhaps I should think of making a job out if it, say, you pay for my expenses and I attend any meeting you like for you 😉 Anyway,

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OKFestival 2014 – Burt Lum of Hawai’i Open Data and Bytemarks Café – Interview

I’m proud to say, I’ve finally met Burt Lum. Burt has been a lovely supporter of the OKCast since our inception. It was a joy to speak with Neal Bastek of Open Knowledge today and have him tell me to

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OKFestival 2014 – Margo Thierry – Open-Steps – Mini-Interview

In this interview I speak with the inspiring Margo Thierry of Open-Steps. She and Alex Corbi traveled the globe talking about open data. Listen to what they’ve been up to! The post OKFestival 2014 – Margo Thierry – Open-Steps –

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OKFestival 2014 – Eva Constantaras, Defining and Designing Successful Data Journalism Initiatives in Developing Countries – Presenter Mini-Interview

Eva Constantaras (@EvaConstantaras), is a data and investigative journalist and trainer specialized in cross-border journalism projects to combat corruption and foster transparency. She’s the Data Journalism Advisor for Internews in Kenya and trains journalists across Asia, the Middle East and East Africa on

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