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Interview: Alon Peled on open data, incentives, and ‘Traversing Digital Babel’

Governments across the world have attempted to improve their capacity for open data, with the UK improving its efforts since the turn of the decade markedly. Last year, Sean Kippin interviewed Alon Peled, an academic and computer software expert who

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The City of No-Frills Innovation

A media juggernaut is already beginning to amass in the Gulf Coast, eager to retell the story of Hurricane Katrina and take stock of the efforts to rebuild affected communities 10 years on. Then as now, New Orleans was and

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The City of No Frills Innovation

Jeremy M. Goldberg | August 4, 2015 Upon taking office in 2010, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu established the Office of Performance and Accountability. He often enthusiastically declares his city is the nation’s laboratory for innovation. (JD Lasica) Editor’s note:

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Data Silos Are Hindering Better Service Delivery In Ghana

The usual complaint in Ghana is usually that of lack. A lack of resources, a lack of leadership, a lack of planning, etc. ad infinitum. However, one thing we apparently have no shortage of in this country are large, government

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Civic Tech and NGOs … wait, and donors – Can we be better collaborators in global Transparency and Accountability work?

This is a guest post by Kersti Ruth Wissenbach, our Open Knowledge Ambassador in the Netherlands. At our Re:publica session in May we set out to bring together transparency and accountability practitioners from traditional NGOs as well as from the

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