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“Building useful open data” in Ants’ playground

… or at least what we think about it. Continue reading on Medium »

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Registers: authoritative lists you can trust

We’ve mentioned registers a few times on this blog, most recently in relation to the work of the Land Registry building on the steel thread, the brilliant new Companies House public beta, and their importance for building platforms. For the

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Comment: What would a locked-down data future look like?

This is the second in a blog series discussing potential data futures and how they affect data infrastructure. The first in the series outlines why we are considering three potential data futures In this blog we consider a locked-down future,

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Open Data: Privacy & Security

Civic hackers and open data are children of public-spirited and trusting Gen Xers in the same way that personal computers, open source software and the Internet were the children of altruistic and ingenuous Baby Boomers. Unfortunately, altruistic and trusting children

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Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for the Week of August 17, 2015

Open data showed its staying power this week, staking more long-term ground in high-level discussions of efficiencies and ethics, as well as demonstrating its life-saving benefits. Plus: New Orleans’ Behind the Numbers blog tackles gun violence with open data. Favor

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Does Open Data Build Trust?

A story of Demond, police data, and his grandmother’s recycling bin Continue reading on Medium »

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Guest post: How Open Results Based Financing is creating trust and transparency in Burundi

Results-based financing (RBF) emerged as a key part of the “aid effectiveness” agenda in development financing. It is an approach that helps build resilient and sustainable public services where payments are made based on specified outcomes that can be proven

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UK Crime Data: Feeling is Believing

Latest crime data shows that the UK is getting significantly more ‘peaceful’. Last month, the Institute for Economics and Peace published the UK Peace Index, revealing UK crime figures have fallen the most of all EU countries in the past

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Who can we trust with #opendata in the UK?

The opendata landscape is complicated as Simon Briscoe has pointed out in his excellent map. However recently some of the players have disappeared as Giuseppe Solazzo explains and these are the groups like the Open Data User Group that in

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How far can we trust open data?

Post: 29 November 2014 This post is also published on the Royal Statistical Society’s StatsLife site. How far can we trust open data? This is a trick question, of course, with no right answer. When it comes to data, “open” is mainly a

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