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Open data and journalism

The relationship between open data and journalism is a complex one. No one questions the desirability of good journalism and the value of open data but both are under threat. British print circulation…

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Why are the media not part of the open data conversation?

Knight International Media Innovators Data Journalism ICFJ Knight Fellow Stephen Abbott Pugh explores why the media are absent from the world of open data. In early September, hundreds of open data practitioners, civil servants, researchers, technologists and specialists in health,

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Inflation, poor supply, great demand – a summary of Argentina’s open data

Last month our project progressed and move to Israel. We visited the land of the milk and honey in mid May, and we are super excited about what we found. However, we still have some catch up to do from

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Data journalism in the Philippines: changing the open data landscape

Transparency, accountability and open data in the Philippines have just become more palpable to citizens and journalists alike. Open Knowledge/School of Data joined forces with the World Bank and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism(PCIJ) to launch a five-month training

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Twelve Lessons for Creating International, Data-Driven News Collaborations

  A new paper by William E. Buzenberg, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (Spring 2015) and former Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity, explores the need for and impact of international collaborations between news outlets. Buzenberg argues that although our

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UK Crime Data: Feeling is Believing

Latest crime data shows that the UK is getting significantly more ‘peaceful’. Last month, the Institute for Economics and Peace published the UK Peace Index, revealing UK crime figures have fallen the most of all EU countries in the past

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