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Measuring Air Quality on Opensensors

Measuring the air quality of the ODI using an Arduino and a Shinyei PPD-42 So, whilst thinking of a good demonstration for the Opensensors platform, we thought why not see how polluted our workplace is by hooking up a sensor

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Search Has Landed

There’s a lot of data out there. We’re doing our best to help you discover it. With the latest release of OpenSensors, users are now able to search the OpenSensors database of thousands of real-time public Open Data feeds and

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OwnTracks Journey – Part One

Today we’re going to look at using the OwnTracks app within the OpenSensors platform. ‘OwnTracks’ (formerly MQTTitude) allows you to keep track of your connected devices location. The app is open-source and uses open protocols for secure and private communications.

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An Open Data Startup

In that intense start up haze we occupy, the fact that OpenSensors has turned 1 this month completely passed me by! I feel that occasion should be marked with at least a post to reflect on how far we have come in a

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IOT in the City

Architecting Internet of Things Software for Cities We are often asked to advise on how best to build scalable products for the Internet of Things, specifically to provide City wide services. City scale projects, also marketed as Smart or Future

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The Big Red Button

I have a development harness for my Clojure systems called Jig. Jig has a feature that allows me to teardown and reinitialize the entire state of the system, while loading in any code that has changed since the last reset.

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Future Cities

We were honored to be a platform partner and host the data for The Future Cities Hackathon: Open Urban Data for The Citizens a collaborative project by Data Science London during the weekend of the 5th – 6th of October.

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Hello World

Opensensors.IO is a project by Atomic Data Labs built to simplify large scale publishing and subscribing of device data. We want to make available, under open data licences, the real time and historical data generated by devices all around us.

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