Hello World

Opensensors.IO is a project by Atomic Data Labs built to simplify large scale publishing and subscribing of device data. We want to make available, under open data licences, the real time and historical data generated by devices all around us.

The motivation for this project is to enable developers and citizens to easily unlock the value of data generated all around us. This data should be communally shared so that anyone can build services for their communities.

The ‘Smart Cities / Future Cities’ revolution need not be about expensive infastructure projects that will cost governments millions or even billions to build. Devices such as Parking Sensors, Energy Consumption devices as well as Pollution monitoring sensors already log and monitor most urban areas. Start ups and developers will be able to build smart applications from data from these devices alone if given the chance to get access to them.

Publishing and Access of data under an Open Data Licence will be free to anyone irrespective of the volume of data.

Individuals with a small number of personal devices will also be free to publish their data under a private licence and share with whom they choose. Contact on ‘hello@opensensors.io’ to join our private beta.