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Over 100 CSOs sign OGN evidence to the FOI Commission

Over 100 civil society organisations, ranging from national NGOs, to local community groups, and open government campaigners, to health, environment and transport charities, have signed the UK’s Open Government Network’s evidence to the FOI Commission, stating their support for a strong

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Why governments think that freedom of information is for nincompoops

  stable Politicians go off being open quite easily. Tony Blair went from being a champion of transparency in 1997 to calling himself a “nincompoop” for passing a Freedom of Information Act in 2010. Barack Obama was the “Transparency President”

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Cabinet Office refuses to provide more details about FOI Commission

The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information was announced exactly one month ago yesterday, but no more information has been given out about its work. Fortunately, now that 20 working days have passed, some information about the review might start

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ODI urges government not to use open data as an excuse to clamp down on FOIs

SUMMARY: The government has set up a commission to review the relevance of freedom of information requests – but open data doesn’t make them redundant. A government funded organisation that was founded by the inventor of the World Wide Web,

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Opendata and citizen datascience

Data analysis and visualizations are the most useful end products as BI professionals and even data scientists. They give actionable insights to the end user. With all the data initiatives and people working with it, there are now a lot of examples of government open

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Why is the UK’s review of the Freedom of Information Act a cause for concern?

On Friday, the UK Government announced a new commission to review the Freedom of Information Act. The announcement cited the UK’s first place ranking in our Open Data Barometer to justify the commission’s mandate to review, and allegedly limit, the

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UK to review Freedom of Information Act – Web Foundation responds

On Friday, the UK Government announced a review of the Freedom of Information Act, citing the UK’s first-place ranking in our Open Data Barometer. Our CEO, Anne Jellema, responded by urging the UK Government not to use the UK’s ranking

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Written Ministerial Statements — Cabinet Office: Freedom of Information (20 Jul 2015)

We are committed to being the most transparent Government in the world. To deliver that goal we are opening up government to citizens by making it easier to access information and increase the volume available, with a record 20,000 datasets

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Timeline: The government’s review on Freedom of Information Act

On a quiet, sunny, Friday afternoon in July the Conservative government announced that it would review the Freedom of Information Act.  A panel – The Freedom of Information Commission (with FOI Commissioners) – was formed to look at the scope

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Freedom of Information review to consider balance between open government and “frank advice”

Former Treasury perm sec Lord Burns to review Freedom of Information laws and consider “safe space” argument, while Cabinet Office takes over responsibility for FOI from the Ministry of Justice Ministers have launched an independent review of the Freedom of Information

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