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Closed, shared, open data: what’s in a name?

Introducing the ‘data lexicon’: Ellen Broad explores the challenge of using language around data that is accurate and useful, but simple enough for everyone to understand For the past few months we at the ODI have been having conversations about

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ODI urges government not to use open data as an excuse to clamp down on FOIs

SUMMARY: The government has set up a commission to review the relevance of freedom of information requests – but open data doesn’t make them redundant. A government funded organisation that was founded by the inventor of the World Wide Web,

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Appeal to the FOI Commission: don’t confuse open data with FOI

ODI Policy Lead Ellen Broad explains that open data is an important transparency mechanism but open data will never make FOI laws redundant Recently the UK Government announced a new Commission on Freedom of Information, to ensure freedom of information

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Updates to UK government information laws: has anything changed?

Last week the UK updated its laws that shape how government data can be accessed and used. Since 2005, how public bodies in the UK provide access to their content and data, and the extent to which their content and

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