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Information is not everything — 5 levels of data openness

Can we consider a commune to be open once it releases any information on its website? Tim Berners-Lee, one of the creators of the World… Continue reading on Medium »

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Boston builds on open data initiatives

The new Open and Protected Data Policy accelerates the city’s open data and transparency plans and expands its open data portal. The city of Boston continues its push towards open data and government transparency with the mayor’s announcement of an

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From Ideas to Implementation: 3 Ways to Ensure that Citizens Have Access to Information

Good urban governance begins with open access to information. São Paulo, Brazil offers a number of lessons for making data accessible and encouraging public participation. (Photo: Gabi Sakamoto / Flickr) How do we make cities work for people? As a

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Sane Governance in the Digital City

This post has been created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://www.sustainablecitiescollective.com/klaus-philipsen/1063276/governance-digital-city-adjunct-todays-webinar-smart-cities “There is a canyon dividing people who understand technology and people charged with addressing the world’s toughest [..] issues, and no one has built a bridge”(Cohen/Schmidt:

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Open Government Data Is Being Used for Information, Not Action

Government transparency is at an all-time high, but despite unprecedented access to open data, Americans have been slow to embrace this resource and realize its full potential. Over the last decade, the public’s perception of government agencies has been deteriorating

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FOI and Communications Data

Last week, the UK Gov announced an Independent Commission on Freedom of Information (written statement) to consider: whether there is an appropriate public interest balance between transparency, accountability and the need for sensitive information to have robust protection whether the

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Requesting information is becoming more and more popular

  Over the last decade there has been increasing need for all publicly owned organisations to give access to information which is held due to the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act 2000. FOI The introduction of FOI publication schemes enabled

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In the Fight for Open Nonprofit Data, Everything Changed in June

This post was created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://www.marketsforgood.org/in-the-fight-for-open-nonprofit-data-everything-changed-in-one-month/ In recent years, the federal government has taken strides towards making its public data available in standardized, machine-readable formats. In the future, we will look back at

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Slow down with the standards talk: it’s interoperability & information quality we should focus on

[Summary: cross-posting a contribution to the discussions on the International Open Data Conference blog] There is a lot of focus in the run up the International Open Data Conference in Ottawa next week. Two of the Action Area workshops on

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