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Machine-readable budget in a human-friendly format

The White House used Socrata’s open data platform to deliver interactive visualizations of the President’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposal.

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TransparencyCamp Europe comes to Amsterdam

Developers, government officials, journalists and activists from all over Europe will shine their light on EU decision making and open government as TransparencyCamp Europe comes to Amsterdam. Today, Open State Foundation together with the Dutch Presidency of the Council of

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Dear Santa, open your data

We at the Sunlight Foundation believe in transparency and accountability for our leaders. That’s why this holiday season, the presents under the tree aren’t the only things that we’re eagerly anticipating being opened. The time has come for Santa Claus

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A hobbyist hacker, spreadsheet warrior and API advocate walked in to a pub…

medium.com – That is basically the life of being a data publisher at the moment. Leigh has written a great post about ‘Who is the intended audience for open data?’ where he articulates some of the problems and … Tweeted

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SEC commits to human- and machine-readable format that could fix agency’s open data problems

More good news in the SEC’s recent headway toward an open data transformation. For six years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has required public companies to report their financial information twice – once as a plain-text document, and a

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Rethinking the population pyramid

Originally published on 14 July 2015 If you’ve ever browsed the U.S. Census population statistics pages, you’ve no doubt come across the famous population pyramid that they so frequently use to display the distribution of the U.S. population by age

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The new rules for further use of public documents

Translation in to English via Google Translate (Original text in German follows afterwards) Austrians get a fundamental right to use financed with Steuergerldern documents for their own purposes for the first time. On July 18, an amendment to the occurs

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Q&A: Kansas City Leaders Talk Data-Driven Engagement

Earlier this spring, at the Project on Municipal Innovation Advising Group’s 13th convening, I had the opportunity to listen to a panel of city leaders and open data experts discuss the future of everything cities, data, and tech. One city leading

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Stories for machines, data for humans

Presented at the New Factual Storytelling symposium, 10 April 2015, University of CanberraI feel like the nerdy kid at the cool kids’ party. There are lots of interesting and creative projects on show today and I… well I want to

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Open Data: A new goldmine | The Economist

AFTER a Soviet missile shot down a South Korean airliner that strayed into Russian airspace in 1983, President Ronald Reagan made America’s military satellite-navigation system, GPS, available to the world. Entrepreneurs pounced. Car-navigation, precision farming and 3m American jobs now

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