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“The Hello, World! of open data development” in clockwork computer

As part of the Bristol is Open initiative the Council has released an API providing access to all manner of local transport data including… Continue reading on Medium »

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A hobbyist hacker, spreadsheet warrior and API advocate walked in to a pub…

medium.com – That is basically the life of being a data publisher at the moment. Leigh has written a great post about ‘Who is the intended audience for open data?’ where he articulates some of the problems and … Tweeted

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Three posts that influenced my ideas on the ‘web of data’

One of the benefits of having a bit of time off (and being banned from Slack, Bugherd, email etc) is that I am getting a little bit of time to step back and think through some of the things that

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Open Singularity – Civil Service Innovation Challenge

This morning I came across this Civil Service Innovation Challenge that offers the opportunity to win a trip to California to undertake the Singularity University ‘Executive Program’. Singularity University is a slightly odd Silicon Valley corporate learning start-up with some

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Robo Reporting

  A major preoccupation of my day job is finding out ways to provide as much data as possible in open, reusable formats. In fact probably the only other thing that occupies more of my cognitive activity is the challenge

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Au Revoir Ampp3d

Sure it had a stupid name and couldn’t possibly be accused of presenting a neutral point of view with how it presented the data but I am very sorry to see Ampp3d close it’s doors at Trinity Mirror. There is

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