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Edmonton Pet Licenses: Un-leashing the Data

What makes a dataset interesting? A slightly dangerous question, to be sure, exposing as it does the respondent to charges of extreme geekiness and other personality shortcomings likely to result in relegation to the B party list. But enough about

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Using Excel versus using R

(This article was first published on R – Win-Vector Blog, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Here is a video I made showing how R should not be considered “scarier” than Excel to analysts. One of the takeaway points: it is

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A hobbyist hacker, spreadsheet warrior and API advocate walked in to a pub…

medium.com – That is basically the life of being a data publisher at the moment. Leigh has written a great post about ‘Who is the intended audience for open data?’ where he articulates some of the problems and … Tweeted

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London Borough Data, Part 2: Another Look At Some LOOKUPS

Last week’s run through the London borough data workbook directed its eponymous scrutiny at a fleet of VLOOKUP formulas in the book’s Profile sheet, ones that retrieved a trove of per-borough attributes, e.g. its migrant population and employment numbers. We

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London Borough Data, Part 1: A Look At Some LOOKUPs

When the back end gets moved to the front things start getting interesting. One needn’t look too far into the London-borough-profiles workbook inlaid into the London Data Store site before you wind up shaking hands with the contributory data that

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Getting There: Australian Politician Housing Expense Data, Part 2

We’re following the money down under, via the conduit of expenses-plotting spreadsheets flowing our way via the Guardian‘s and its piece on the spending activity of Australian politicians. Having spent last week counting the beans doled out for politicians’ flight

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Getting There: Australian Politician Flight Expense Data, Part 1

Citizen journalism or free lunch? Admirable voluntarism or crowdfunded advantage-taking? It’s your call, but the Guardian wants you to donate your – and your, and your – analytical smarts to the data on nine spreadsheets itemizing Australian politicos’ expenses, in

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Data Lab Link Roundup: python pivot tables, Hypothesis for testing, data mining algorithms in plain english and more…

  The effect of time of day on mood via the Jawbone Blog Here are some things that caught our attention last week: There’s a consultation draft of the International Open Data Charter up for… consultation. It outlines a set

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Twelve Tips for Getting Started With Data Journalism

Editor’s note: Nils Mulvad, co-founder and board member of GIJN, ‏and Helena Bengtsson, editor for the Data Projects Team at The Guardian, share twelve tips on how to use data for stories. These are being presented at the 2015 conference of Netzwerk

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