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Stanford scientists successfully map poverty from space

Stanford scientists successfully map poverty from space Using satellite imagery, researchers from Stanford were able to assess poverty rates from Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Malawi, revealing variations of the economy and state of income of the average citizens. The

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The Data Briefing: 2016 Trends That Could Affect Federal Government Data

Many IT pundits predict 2016 will be a major tipping point in data and related technologies. Here are just a few predictions: 1) The Internet of Things—The number of devices that can connect to the Internet increases, especially in consumer

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Predict. Share. Deploy. With Open Data Science – Jan 20 Webinar

Building, tuning, sharing, deploying, and scaling predictive models is challenging, and rarely covered in statistics class. Learn how to make data science work in the real world in this webinar.

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This Week in Civic Tech: Indianapolis PD Opens Use-of-Force Data, Machine Learning Leaps Forward

This Week in Civic Tech presents a line up of notable events in the space that connects citizens to government services. Topics cover latest startups, hackathons, open data initiatives and other influencers. Check back each week for updates. Indianapolis PD Opens

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A Gentle Guide to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subfield within Artificial Intelligence that builds algorithms that allow computers to learn to perform tasks from data instead of being explicitly programmed. Got it? We can make machines learn to do things! The first time I

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Why you should use open data to hone your machine learning models

Guest blog by Justin Tenuto One of the big reasons we created our Data for Everyone initiative is that there simply aren’t a ton of great open datasets out there for small businesses, startups, and academics to do work on. Sure, there

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Sentiment Analysis APIs Benchmark

Sentiment analysis is a powerful example of how machine learning can help developers build better products with unique features. In short, sentiment analysis is the automated process of understanding if text written in a natural language (English, Spanish, etc.) is

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Data Lab Link Roundup: Dat goes Beta, visualizing machine learning, a clinical trial simulator, the Hadleyverse, and a standard deviation puzzle

Here are some things that caught our attention last week: If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for algorithm visualization. These sorting algorithm animations and Mike Bostock’s visualizations of sampling, shuffling, sorting and maze generation are among my favorites. So I was delighted to find R2D3’s Visual Introduction to

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Data Lab Link Roundup: Worm wars, csvkit, machine learning platforms, Jeep hacking, and a $12 satellite imagery receiver

Here are some things that caught our attention last week: Matt Gray points out that American NOAA Weather Satellites transmit pictures via FM radio at 137MHz. Which, as Matt demonstrates, means you could use a $12 USB dongle and a laptop to

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Machine Learning Can Help Predict Violent Conflicts In Africa

For the past two decades, there have been growing calls within the United Nations to develop robust, accurate, and effective early warning systems for conflict prevention. Indeed, as recently as September 2011, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council

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