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Data Collaboratives for Official Statistics

Joint OECD – PARIS21 Workshop – “Access to New Data Sources for Statistics: Business Models for Private-Public Partnerships” On December 18th 2015, the Data Governance Project (DGP)[1] was part of an OECD/Paris21 event organized in Paris on the use of new

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Sharing Data In The Third Sector

Last week Bristol Girl Geek Dinners hosted another fantastic evening for nerds in the heart of Bristol. This month they brought Emma Prest of DataKind UK over from London to talk about their work. The first time I’d heard of

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Data Share – A round-up of the wide web

The changing face of data keeps us on our toes. There’s one constant though – data’s getting bigger. And with that growth comes a corresponding need to harness its power. This realisation has long-since kicked in and the media’s awash with

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Great Lakes of Data: More with Pat Soranno on the challenges of data-integration in ecology

Ecology data in the 21st Century: multiscaled, and with “big” potential At GigaScience we are always promoting and finding new ways to foster open data, open science and reproducibility. Our broad scope covers the entire spectrum of life and biomedical

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