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Fermenting a Reproducible Research Revolution

With greater awareness in the difficulties in making scientific research more reproducible, numerous technical fixes are being suggested to move publishing away from static and often un-reproducible papers to more reproducible digital objects that better fit 21st century technology. New

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Great Lakes of Data: More with Pat Soranno on the challenges of data-integration in ecology

Ecology data in the 21st Century: multiscaled, and with “big” potential At GigaScience we are always promoting and finding new ways to foster open data, open science and reproducibility. Our broad scope covers the entire spectrum of life and biomedical

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Community Microbiomes: Chatting Cat Scat with Kittybiome’s Holly Ganz

All Cats (Microbiomes) are Grey? Regular readers will have seen our interest in “community genome” projects, supported by crowdfunding and alternative means (fashion shows in case of the “peoples parrot”), and we’ve been pleased to see the Azolla fern and

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GigaScience Pushes Metabolomics Open Data & Training

With our focus on large-scale biological data, mass spectrometry has been one area of particular interest and attention. Metabolomics involves the detection and quantification of small molecules (metabolites) in living organisms using mass spectrometers. The measurements made from these sophisticated

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