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OpenGov Voices: Why you should consider ROI when releasing open data

Mark Leech, Application Services Group Manager for Albuquerque, N.M. Since starting in 2012 under the leadership of Mayor Richard J. Berry, Albuquerque’s open data initiative has received good reviews. Perhaps one of the reasons behind this current success is that

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SA Police Reduce Costs Through Proactive Open Data

Freedom of information access comes at a cost. In 2011-12 financial year the estimated costs of administering the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) was reported to be $10.4 million (The Hon I.K.Hunter- Hansard 16/10/14). Records indicate 85% of Freedom of

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Guest post: Understanding housing stock, needs and costs with open data

ODI Member Visceral Business calls on housing groups to share insights by making data open for policymakers, investors and tenants alike to help solve the housing crisis This year’s Connected Housing Study calls for open data to help deliver smarter

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Data Silos Are Hindering Better Service Delivery In Ghana

The usual complaint in Ghana is usually that of lack. A lack of resources, a lack of leadership, a lack of planning, etc. ad infinitum. However, one thing we apparently have no shortage of in this country are large, government

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The Government’s Freedom of Information commission tilts the political discussion towards damage and cost

On Friday of last week, the Government announced a new commission on Freedom of Information. Here, Ben Worthy offers his response to the announcement, arguing that the objections to the scope and usage of FOI that have been raised are nothing

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