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SA Police Reduce Costs Through Proactive Open Data

Freedom of information access comes at a cost. In 2011-12 financial year the estimated costs of administering the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) was reported to be $10.4 million (The Hon I.K.Hunter- Hansard 16/10/14). Records indicate 85% of Freedom of

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Open Data 500 Australia

Are you using open government data? Make sure your opinion counts! If you’re using any Australian Government data as part of your business operations, make sure you complete the Open Data 500 Australia. The Open Data 500 Australia is the

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Machinery Of Data – MOD – Open for entry

If open data is your thing and you have a creative edge, then the Machinery of Data (MOD) competition is for you. MOD is a data driven competition that merges open data with hardware and art.  Some examples include: A 3D

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Media Release – SA Digital Entrepreneurs ready for Unleashed Challenge

Media release from Minister Susan Close, Minister for Public Sector SA digital entrepreneurs ready for Unleashed challenge Innovative South Australians will be able to use previously unpublished State Government data as part of Unleashed, the State’s annual open data competition.

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