Closing the Loop Between Maker & Customer for Connected Devices

Closing the Loop Between Maker & Customer for Connected Devices

Onboard IoT hardware as easy as Kindle, at a fraction of the cost.

Last month we released OpenSensors’ Search and Subscribe features. This IoT Day we’re pushing our latest development, Organisations, or Orgs for short.

Orgs is a new feature focused on streamlining hardware production workflows and managing large numbers of devices.

With OpenSensors’ Orgs, you are able to manage all of your devices and data in one place with and pretty soon you will get an at-a-glance easy device health monitoring – giving your customers a seamless user experience equivalent of the Kindle but without Amazon’s budget. Those of you managing 1000s of devices in the wild are only too aware of how hard it is to manage the workflow between factory and individual devices all over the world.

We’re trying to make IoT onboarding easier for Hardware startups and connected device manufacturers. That’s why we’ve designed a production to customer workflow, think Kindle for IoT.

People managing organisations can now batch provision and manage their new devices. Devices can be searched for and ‘claimed’ by your customers via the UI or API adding relevant meta-data such as location information to help you keep track of your devices and new customers once your connected devices are out in the wild.

It’s an exciting feature, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are. We want to save you time and effort and also enable you to get your connected devices to market quicker and cheaper.

As some of you may have noticed, we released a stripped down Alpha version of Orgs in our last release. We’ve learned from your feedback.

And we’re not finished yet, we have a lot of plans for Orgs and this is the first step in the journey. To celebrate IOT day we are giving away 3 months worth of Organisational hosting and functionality to IoT startups. Get in touch on [email protected] for a voucher.

For more details about Organisations and how to use them check out our help pages

Happy IoT Day!