Cabinet Office gives ODI data innovation role

Minister indicates that the Open Data Institute has gained more traction with government

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has solidified its support in government with the announcement that it has been given the lead role in developing the economic potential of reusing public sector data.

Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock said the department has asked the ODI to help government connect with businesses, start-ups and innovators in the data economy.

Speaking at the ODI’s third annual summit, he said the organisation will provide the perspectives of people active in the field to the Cabinet Office.

This is aimed at strengthening the dialogue between business and government on the use of the latter’s data, and spreading the understanding of the Cabinet Office’s data programme.

Gavin_StarksGavin Starks (pictured), the ODI’s chief executive officer, said: “The Cabinet Office is backing the UK’s leadership role in shaping the future of our data infrastructure. Companies working with data will benefit from the deeper connection with government and help deliver open innovation that is geared to the pace of our digital economy.”

Since it was set up in 2012, the ODI claims to have unlocked direct investments worth £40 million in competition funding, direct contracts and partnerships.