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Edmonton Pet Licenses: Un-leashing the Data

What makes a dataset interesting? A slightly dangerous question, to be sure, exposing as it does the respondent to charges of extreme geekiness and other personality shortcomings likely to result in relegation to the B party list. But enough about

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Going Back to Your Routes: NYC Bus Data

There are more expedient ways for getting around New York than on its buses, but if you like the slow, scenic route – provided you know what you’re looking at – the deal isn’t half bad. And nowadays the data

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From data crunching to storytelling: Lessons from six months of Urbs.London

Comments Credit: By Justgrimes on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Over the past six months, journalist Gary Rogers and media strategist Alan Renwick have run the experimental website Urbs.London, a news operation which turns open data into news stories. The site

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Chicago Story, Part 1: The Restaurant Inspection Episode

Hungry? Then here are about 28,000 dining suggestions aimed at your need to feed, courtesy of the Chicago Data Portal, and standing by for your download at the Food Inspections link on the Portal’s home page – as of this

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Hacking the Hacks, Part 2: A Week’s Worth of New York Taxi Rides

I said it before, and I’m going to have to say it again. I closed last week’s installment on the data for fare activity between January 1 and 7 of New York’s green cab armada with a reminder (largely to

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Hacking the Hacks, Part 1: A Week’s Worth of New York Taxi Rides

Please understand the pun. If you don’t, you’ll have to indulge my word-playing nod at the slang for cab driver, apparently inspired by the Hackney horse, a London equine precursor to motorized livery. Etymology aside, the New York Open Data

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London Borough Data, Part 2: Another Look At Some LOOKUPS

Last week’s run through the London borough data workbook directed its eponymous scrutiny at a fleet of VLOOKUP formulas in the book’s Profile sheet, ones that retrieved a trove of per-borough attributes, e.g. its migrant population and employment numbers. We

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Writing Each Row of a Spreadsheet as a Press Release?

A few days ago, I saw via the @HSCICOpenData Twitter feed that an annually released dataset on Written Complaints in the NHS”> has just been published. The data comes in the form of a couple of spreadsheets in which each

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London Borough Data, Part 1: A Look At Some LOOKUPs

When the back end gets moved to the front things start getting interesting. One needn’t look too far into the London-borough-profiles workbook inlaid into the London Data Store site before you wind up shaking hands with the contributory data that

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Getting There: Australian Politician Housing Expense Data, Part 2

We’re following the money down under, via the conduit of expenses-plotting spreadsheets flowing our way via the Guardian‘s and its piece on the spending activity of Australian politicians. Having spent last week counting the beans doled out for politicians’ flight

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