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Mobile putting data in people’s hands in Ghana

“It’s really powerful. It’s in people’s hands; it’s in people’s homes. How do we use it for the greater good?”. GODAN partner VOTO Mobile is a three-year old Ghana-based tech startup and social enterprise which helps businesses, governments, and NGOs use

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Disruptive Technology that Could Transform Government-Citizen Relationships

William Gibson, the science fiction writer who coined the term “cyberspace,” once said: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” That may be exactly the way to look at the selection of disruptive technologies we

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The future of eGov

Last year I attended a presentation of what it was supposed to be the new eGov strategy of a major Smart City. They presented to us the motivation, how much technology has changed from a web presence to multi-channel, multi-screen.

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Indiana: A Showcase for the Integration of Visualization, Mobility, and Analytics

Although countless governments across the country can now claim some digital accomplishment, few have managed the wholesale transformation of government services in recent years better than Indiana, with its child and infant welfare efforts. Over the past decade, the Hoosier

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