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Every Industry Will Be Disrupted By Open Data Within 10 Years

At an Internet Of Things conference this year I gave a speech on why traditional business models will be disrupted by IOT and Open Data. One such example I used was the car insurance industry, and how I believed that

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Focus on the MVDP – The Minimum Viable Data Product

Since the release of “The Lean Startup” there’s three letters that have been preached over and over… Minimum Viable Product. The over copied mantra of “what do you need to do to get this thing out of the door?”. And

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Government Data And The Uber Question

Vivek Kundra is the executive vice president at Salesforce and the former CIO for the U.S. government. How to join the network Amid the debate in New York City on limiting the number of drivers for ride share companies such

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Why luxury brands are embracing open innovation

‘Open innovation platforms help companies challenge traditional approaches and stand out from their competitors’ Traditionally, getting a competitive edge required innovating through research and development, being the first to market and ensuring strong IP protection. Open innovation, on the other

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Disruptive Technology that Could Transform Government-Citizen Relationships

William Gibson, the science fiction writer who coined the term “cyberspace,” once said: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” That may be exactly the way to look at the selection of disruptive technologies we

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Are you ready for disruption?

July 15 2015 | General | UK | Last week, Elizabeth Truss MP, the UK’s Environment Secretary, announced that over the next year virtually all of her department’s data will be opened up for full and public access – amounting to more

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