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An ‘EITI geek’ on open data

31 July 2015 Christoffer Claussen The quest, challenges and exciting possibilities of unlocking data. Image: Shutterstock. Over the course of the last six months, my work has revolved around EITI data. I am what you could call an ‘EITI geek’.

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We Don’t All Need to be Geeks, Everyone Just Needs to be Geekier!

At the end of its season of seven challenges to create social good out of open data, Nesta, the charity that encourages and funds innovation, has some interesting insights to share. Perhaps the most significant I heard is that in

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Re: the problem with open data is open data people

In response to: the problem with open data is open data people I agree and think this is a problem in tech in general but focusing on open data, it doesn’t have the cachet of big data. With big data, you

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Will Geeks Save the World?

Will Geeks Save the World? By Aneesh Chopra and Nick Sinai Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellows A famous TIME magazine article in the 1990’s featured a cover with Bob Rubin, Alan Greenspan, and Larry Summers as “the committee to

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