GODAN’s commitment to transparency

As a champion of open data, GODAN was pleased to receive an enquiry from Transparify asking for clarity on the way we are funded.  Transparify believes that transparency matters, particularly in sectors involved in policy advocacy, as citizens ought to be able to find out who pays for their activities.  They were particularly interested in assessing just how transparent the organizations are that were advocating for open data at IODC15, particularly if they received public funds.  As GODAN promotes open data, we fully support their aims and published details of our funding arrangements below, including details of the standard we will meet in publishing our accounts.

We were delighted to receive the following reply from Transparify:

“…  thank you for your fast response, and thank you for publishing this data. That is one of the fastest turnarounds we have seen, after working with close to 200 organizations. We’ll definitely include that update in our upcoming report, and highlight you among the most transparent advocates for open data.”

You can see the full Transparify report on IODC15 here that includes an assessment of GODAN as a ‘highly transparent‘ organization. For details of how GODAN is funded see here.