GODAN Baseline Questionnaire underway

Last month we asked all partners to complete a GODAN Baseline Questionnaire. One of the core tasks of the GODAN Secretariat Research team is to map what our partners are doing with Open Data so that we can understand how this powerful tool can be used across the many activities in which our partners work. This will help us to engage with you in a more informed way, share understanding of the scope and potential of using open data and realise its true potential.

So far we have received completed questionnaires from around half our partners and would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for this invaluable information. We encourage other partners, new and established, to respond to help develop this unique information resource, so we will be in touch over the coming weeks with partners who have not yet responded. We hope to send out more short questionnaires in future to help shape our research and find out how our partners are increasingly using open data in their field.

Visualisations such as the partner map on our website and other mash ups of this data will also help to engage others with the GODAN activities aGODAN MAPnd promote the open data agenda in agriculture and nutrition on a global scale. We really appreciate the time and effort taken by those who have so far responded and hope to hear from all our partners.