ESA SENTINEL-2 High resolution images for global agriculture

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The European Space Agency (ESA) SENTINEL-2 project is an important development for both conventional and precision agriculture applications as its high specification imaging allows 10-20m spatial resolution and 5 day revisit frequency, providing a valuable open data resource for detailed on-the-ground crop management for farmers.  The system has global coverage and is compatible with the Landstat missions.

ESA SENTINEL High resolution images for global agriculture

The SENTINEL-2 for Agriculture (Sen2Agri) project provides a major contribution to the Global Agriculture Monitoring (GEOGLAM) initiative and Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM) activities.  The project aims to demonstrate how the Sentinel-2 mission can provide the international community with validated algorithms for crop monitoring, providing a unique focus for global open data in agriculture.  See more about the first images to be received here.


See this image taken over the Po Valley in Northern Italy, demonstrating the  potential to deliver 210 m resolution to support agricultural monitoring at field level.

See the latest ESA newsletter.

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