42 Voices About Open Government

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In 2013, the Public Innovation Network (XIP) presented its video about open government, including a set of 42 standards that a government must meet to be considered open.
The video is presented as a basic, but thorough, compilation explaining everything referring to open government and does so tracing the way for existing social, economic and political challenges.
It has also served as a basis for discussion in many administrations around the world and volunteer communities have translated it into Spanish, English, French and Italian.
The XIP continues generating debate and spreading the idea of open government to increase the quality of democratic societies, focusing on transparency policies, accountability and effective citizen participation taking advantage of the network dynamics of current technology.
Now we are presenting a collaborative publication to define the 42 standards listed in the XIP video. The idea is to deepen the knowledge and facilitate the dissemination of these standards. So we started the project “Sponsor an open government concept” which has put us in touch with experts from around the world who have each written an article about what the concept assigned suggests to them. The result is a collection of expertise: 42 people around the world who offer their knowledge on open government; 42 articles, brief and concise, that provide clues to better understanding and knowing how to promote it. Thanks to everyone! On the network we will go further!

The report is previewed below

[gview file=”http://opendata-aha.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/42_Voices_About_Open_Government_XarxaIP.pdf”]

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