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New data report signals a major shift in data thinking in the senior Australian public service

While successive Australian governments have touted ‘evidence-based policy’, a significant ongoing challenge within Australia’s public service has been generating or accessing the right data at the right time – particularly across agencies – for actually testing policy assumptions and following

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Open Government – A joke and an ad

Open government doesn’t really lend itself to humour and it’s difficult to see the comedy material in improved public services, oversight and accountability. The best joke I’ve heard on the topic (unfortunately, UK specific) goes something like this: In the

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Open Gov Awards 2015: Revealing this year’s top initiatives

“Glass Village Project”, “Smart Municipality”, “The Guiding Lights of the Archipelago”….read more about the unique public service initiatives that were submitted this year! At OGP, one of the principles guiding our work is that open government reforms should ultimately benefit

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Open Data and the Public Sector event

Back in July, I was able to attend an event hosted by the Friends of the Library at the South Bank campus of Griffith University here in Brisbane. This event, titled “Open Data and the Public Sector“, featured three engaging and knowledgeable

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eGovWatch: Data at your fingertips

India’s Open Government Data Platform helps in sharing of the data generated by various government departments and institutions for public good Let us say that you are looking for three sets of data—complete village directory of Uttar Pradesh, list of

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Open Data, GIS, and Nonprofits

The idea behind “open data” is that accessible data promotes government transparency, civic engagement, and the ability of community members to create solutions to problems within their communities. In this way, open data can be a rich resource for nonprofits.

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Turning Government Data Into Better Public Service

  ‘Turning Government Data Into Better Public Service’ was first published on Medium. The article outlines the release of the Digital Analytics Dashboard on March 19 by the US Digital Service.   The Dashboard allows the public to see how

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How big data is transforming public services – expert views

We asked our experts how government can handle big data better and mitigate the risks of privacy breaches • Read the debate in full • Big data video – register your interest It’s a bit of a misnomer: “Ex-Guardian writer

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