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Open Data Nation: Using Open Data to Integrate Predictive Analytics into City Operations

This story was originally published by Data-Smart City Solutions. One of the great promises of open government this decade has been that it can serve as a catalyst for a new civic-centered… [[ …

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BI Case Study: Building an Open Data Portal

This article was written by Paul Murphy, IT Program Leader at Co-operatives UK, about his experience using business intelligence technology to centralize years of messy historical data and create an open, explorable web portal. Do you have an interesting business

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Taking Predictive Analytics to the Beach

For Chicagoans, few things are as enjoyable as a day at the beach. That joy, however, is contingent on clean waters that are free of contaminants such as E. coli bacteria. This year, Chicago is piloting an analytical model to enhance

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Predict. Share. Deploy. With Open Data Science – Jan 20 Webinar

Building, tuning, sharing, deploying, and scaling predictive models is challenging, and rarely covered in statistics class. Learn how to make data science work in the real world in this webinar.

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Chicago Is Predicting Food Safety Violations. Why Aren’t Other Cities?

US FDA / Flickr The three dozen inspectors at the Chicago Department of Public Health scrutinize 16,000 eating establishments to protect diners from gut-bombing food sickness. Some of those pose more of a health risk than others; approximately 15 percent

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Big data triggers predictive journalism

Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter, once regaled a panel audience with a story of how he read a tweet about an earthquake around 60 miles south of him — and then felt it seconds later. This simple story conveys

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How New York City Is Using Big Data To Serve Its Residents

City government works better when the people running it can anticipate problems and when the residents it serves know what’s happening in their neighborhoods. For years, New York City has been using predictive data analytics to save lives and taxpayer dollars. A

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Smoke Signals: Open data & analytics for preventing fire deaths

Enigma: “Today we are launching Smoke Signals, an open source civic analytics tool that helps local communities determine which city blocks are at the highest risk of not having a smoke alarm. 25,000 people are killed or injured in 1

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Big Data predicts extreme weather blackspots for UK emergency services

5 September 2015 – UK start-up company, KnowNow Information Ltd, is revolutionising how UK emergency services can plan for, and respond to, extreme weather conditions, to help save lives and millions of pounds. Using Big Data and the UK’s most

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Analytics with a Side of Discretion

In recent months we’ve seen many new technologies and partnerships aimed at helping local government workers conduct restaurant health inspections more effectively and efficiently. In Boston, participants in a civic innovation competition are using Yelp and city data to develop

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