Burkina Faso launches new open data initiative and joins GODAN

Burkina Faso is now launching its new new Burkina Open Data Initiative (BODI) in the nation’s capital Ouagadougou.  The initiative aims to grow its existing 50 open government datasets to develop a full version launching in September.  The datasets already include details of numbers of beds in public and private hospitals, numbers of malaria deaths and vaccination coverate.  Ranked as the third poorest country globally, Burkina Faso is located in West Africa  and aims to use the access that this open data initiative provides to drive economic growth, boost innovation and demonstrate transparency.  The initiative is supported by the UK Open Data Institute, its Paris Node: FivebyFive via the Partnership for Open Data, and the World Bank and hopes to create opportunities for local companies and entrepreneurs accessing this open data that will benefit Burkina Faso’s citizens.