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Open Data Leaves Open Questions: Exploring Uber’s Impact on NYC Traffic

Open Data Leaves Open Questions: Exploring Uber’s Impact on NYC Traffic Earlier this month, something new and exciting happened: the Taxi and Limousine Commission (T.L.C.) released data on every cab ride taken in the past year and a half. Besides

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Use the Baby Name Explorer to find out when your name was popular

Around the same time I was working on the Name Age Calculator, I developed a simple tool to visualize trends in American baby names. Ever inventive, I named this web app the U.S. Baby Name Explorer. The idea behind the

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Where are Chicago’s poor white neighborhoods?

(WBEZ/Logan Jaffe) Editor’s note: We’re considering additional coverage for this story and we’d like to know which follow-up questions about concentrated white poverty most interest you. Examples: How does Chicago compare to other Midwestern cities? How does this apply to

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Attention campers: Your opengov ideas are needed for TCamp15!

A TCamp attendee peruses the Wall, which lists the official schedule of sessions. (Photo credit: Sunlight Foundation/Flickr) What sorts of ideas and issues will be discussed, analyzed and debated at TransparencyCamp this year? You decide! As an “unconference,” TCamp is

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Let’s Pull Public Comment into the 21st Century with San Francisco’s Prop. E

In 1991, computer scientists at the University of Cambridge pointed a camera at a coffee machine and programmed it to broadcast images of the pot levels to anyone in their building with a need for caffeine. With that, webcams and

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Yelp’s Consumer Protection Initiative: ProPublica Partnership Brings Medical Info to Yelp

Yelp exists to empower and protect consumers, and we’re continually focused on how we can enhance our service while enhancing the ability for consumers to make smart transactional decisions along the way. A few years ago, we partnered with local

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Key Takeaways From San Francisco’s Updated Open Data Strategy

The City by the Bay continues to expand its open data portal while looking for new ways to get residents to utilize it.

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Cultural challenges slow federal open data efforts

The passage of the DATA Act last year brought with it a new set of mandates for government agencies to bring more of their spending data online, in a common format, to achieve a fuller picture of where public money

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Boston, San Francisco Expand Open Data Policies

Boston and San Francisco have both announced expansions to how city government will approach open data. In an announcement made late last week, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh unveiled a new open data policy that will expand the data sets available

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Open Government Data Is Being Used for Information, Not Action

Government transparency is at an all-time high, but despite unprecedented access to open data, Americans have been slow to embrace this resource and realize its full potential. Over the last decade, the public’s perception of government agencies has been deteriorating

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