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The very beginning till the prototype of a community platform for open data, OpenLocal

The journey has begun when FutureEverything came to Hyper Island to give us an open brief around citizen science. As an outcome of our… Continue reading on Medium »

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“The woodcutter”, an open data parable

In a time long past, in a land far away, there was once a great forest. It was a huge sprawling forest containing every known species of tree. And perhaps a few more. The forest was part of a kingdom that had been

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Using Open Data, a Scientist Is Finding New York City’s Best Stories

As the creator of popular NYC blog I Quant NY, Ben Wellington has a knack for turning data scrapes into civic action.

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Why journalists and technologists must collaborate

The launch of the Kenya Open Data Initiative in July 2011 led to the release of hundreds of data sets which, for a few discerning journalists and editors, opened up a new way of discovering, reporting and disseminating news. From

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The Perils of Data Story Telling:…

Many times, my young children ask me to read them a story before sleeping. We have wide variety of children’s books from…

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