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Highlighting the importance of Open Access & Open Research here at Nepal

Due to the ongoing crisis situation and political instability of the country, we were unable to celebrate Open Access Week 2015 like past years. so, because of this reason we planned to organize Open Access Workshop in collaboration with Open

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Where Is All the Aid Money for Nepal Going? Open Data Could Help Lift the Veil

When NPR and ProPublica revealed in June that $500 million was missing from the Red Cross earthquake funds for Haiti, it rang alarm bells across Nepal. In April, the Himalayan country was rocked by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake that claimed more

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“Why Should We Wait?”: Mapping for the Next Disaster

Today, AidData launches the first of a six-part podcast series to take you past the maps and dashboards on our website to the human stories at the heart of our research. Today’s episode is on the data response to the

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