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Waiting for the Arrival of the Open Data Killer Application

Author: Martín Álvarez-Espinar Martin Alvarez-Espinar, Engineer in Computer Science, is the Manager at the W3C Spanish Office. He has broad experience in Web standards development. Martín has worked as eGovernment consultant at CTIC since 2007, specialized in the Open Government

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New #ODimpact Release: How is Open Data Creating Economic Opportunities and Solving Public Problems?

Proponents of open data have long argued that the release of government information to the public could result in meaningful impact for citizens. To date, though, little evidence has demonstrated the real-world impacts of open data. Indeed, the field has

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Open Knowledge: Making Open Data Actionable and Impactful

Authors: Tyrone Grandison, Jeff Chen Continue reading on Medium »

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Setting solid foundations for social impact

Last week we had the pleasure of presenting on the 360Giving project for an Open Data Institute Friday Lunchtime Lecture. Alice Casey and Tim Davies shared a history of the project, and the vision of supporting funders to make better

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The Impact of Open Data – Initial Findings from Case Studies

The GovLab is excited to participate this week in ConDatos, the largest open data event in South America, and one of the largest in the world. Given our interest in the reinvention of governance for the 21st century, open data

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Following the Money with Indigo Grantees

Want to know how one of our grantees used budget data to ensure the poorest schoolchildren received education support grants? Or how another got the Nigerian authorities to make good on its promise to rebuild a school? International campaigning and

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The limited promise of (open data) research automation

[Summary: adding to the network of discussion around open data measurement] Earlier this week the 2nd Edition of the Open Data Barometer launched: a project I’ve worked on over the last two years, helping design the original framework of indicators,

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Data standards and inclusion in the network society

This note is based on a presentation given at the ‘Inclusion in the Network Society Roundtable‘ hosted by IT For Change in Bangalore, 29th September – 1st October. It further develops a number of points that were not included in

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Call for Papers: JeDEM Special Issue on Open Government Data and Open Policies

See the full call here. Special Issue on Open Government Data and open policies Special Issue 01/2014: Open Government Data and PoliciesGuest Editors Ina Schieferdecker, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany Marijn Janssen, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Tim Davies, University of

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A diverse open data discourse?

[Summary: on the need for greater diversity in the open data discourse in 2014] 2014 is going to see a lot of Open Data conferences and events around the world, particularly in developing countries, where open data has become part

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