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Open data leaders in government finally have a support network – each other

New Zealand’s Open Government Data Programme Leader, Paul Stone, reflects on his time at the Open Data Leaders Network: what he learnt, who he met and how peer-learning has helped him find better solutions to problems. Open Data Leaders Network,

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Celebrating Generation Open – ODI awards network thinkers who are changing the world

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt present Open Data Awards to 2015’s open data champions from around of the world This evening, (Thursday 9 July 2015) the ODI celebrates its second annual Open Data Awards, at Bloomberg London, celebrating

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The Future of School of Data

The School of Data World: Local School of Data, Other organisations implementing School of Data activities and fellows! Over the last few years, School of Data has seen impressive development and growth, going from a simple idea to an internationally

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An unexpected encounter in the Andes

Our Chilean journey came to an end four days ago, and we are now having a quick side-trip further south, in Argentina’s lake district. We didn’t think we’d have anything to report from this section of the trip, but sometimes travel surprises.

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Data: The [Slow] Death of the Website & the [Rapid] Rise of the Network

Data is changing the way we interact with the world. Here at 21c, we have always believed that Data, particularly Open Data from governments and businesses, has immense potential to change the way we do almost everything. From making increasingly

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Networking the networks – engineering serendipity

This is a slightly edited version of an article which was originally published in the British APCO Journal, and on the BAPCO web site BlueLightCamp in 2014 Discovering and then applying the full potential of data to public safety and

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