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2016: When the Freedom of Information Act will be dismantled

2015 was a year when the Freedom of Information Act came under attack; 2016 could prove to be the year it is damaged. The government’s FOI Commission – the ‘independent review’ of the decade old Act – has been rumbling

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DWP to quietly publish benefited-related death stats before Bank Holiday weekend

The Department for Work and Pensions is finally going to publish information about deaths related to benefit claimants. But it’s going to publish them quietly just before the bank holiday. The Department’s non-disclosure and stalling of the publication caused public

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Timeline: The government’s review on Freedom of Information Act

On a quiet, sunny, Friday afternoon in July the Conservative government announced that it would review the Freedom of Information Act.  A panel – The Freedom of Information Commission (with FOI Commissioners) – was formed to look at the scope

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