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A case for Data Science + Open Data

Carey Anne Nadeau is the Founder & CEO of Open Data Nation (opendatanation.com) and created FIVAR (fivar.org). Before founding Open Data Nation, Nadeau worked for the past decade doing quantitative research and analysis using open data at the Brookings Institution

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Chicago Is Predicting Food Safety Violations. Why Aren’t Other Cities?

US FDA / Flickr The three dozen inspectors at the Chicago Department of Public Health scrutinize 16,000 eating establishments to protect diners from gut-bombing food sickness. Some of those pose more of a health risk than others; approximately 15 percent

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Childcare Costs and Food Hygiene Rating

New two resources available on this platform: Childcare Costs – reflecting cost of childcare services in York for the different childcare providers available, and Food Hygiene, containing City of York Council’s ratings on Food Hygiene. Data for Childcare Costs has

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