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Roll your own OSM with Macrocosm

Last week we launched Macrocosm, a NodeJS version of the OpenStreetMap API. This is the first part of an open toolkit we are developing to make it easier to set up your own version of OpenStreetMap. Governments and NGOs manage

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Open Data to Insure the World’s Poorest

2.8 billion people live on less than two dollars per day. For this half of the worlds population, any economic shock can be crippling and even fatal. The microinsurance industry attempts to lessen these shocks by providing small, low-premium insurance

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Open Drone Imagery

Since the beta launch of OpenAerialMap we’ve been approached by satellite companies and drone operators looking to share images with resolutions ranging from 30 meters down to 3 cm. Some of the drone imagery we’ve seen is particularly impressive. The

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How to Organize a Mapathon

Today I gave a lightning talk at State of the Map about how to organize a mapathon. A mapathon, also known as a mapping party, is when a bunch of people get together to edit OpenStreetMap, the editable map of

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Opening up Air Quality Data

Air pollution is a leading cause of death across the globe, and contributes to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and other respiratory illness. While the vast majority of deaths are in low and middle income countries, air quality continues to

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Open Geospatial Happy Hour

The Geospatial World Forum is well under way in Lisbon and we’re impressed with the diversity of people and talks at the event. On Thursday night, we are organizing an Open Geospatial Happy Hour at Café Fábulas with our friends

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We’re sending a delegation to State of the Map US

State of the Map US is around the corner. We’re sending a robust delegation to the United Nations for the biggest OpenStreetMap conference ever. This is a critical meeting for OSM and for open data. OpenStreetMap is becoming too big

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Geospatial World Forum kicks off

The Geospatial World Forum kicks off today in Lisbon. We will be talking with NGOs, government agencies, and researchers about how they can use open geospatial data and open source software. Our Lisbon team will host an open geospatial happy

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An OpenStreetMap for Government

The software that powers OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a fantastic open source tool for governments to manage road data. We are working with the World Bank and the Philippine government to deploy OSM software to create a collaborative tool for national

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Powering Landsat Power Tools

Amazon Web Services just opened Landsat on AWS, a publicly available archive of Landsat 8 imagery hosted on their reliable and accessible infrastructure. This investment by the AWS open data team has a big impact on our work to make

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